Reviews of The Tote Buddy

Hybrid Mom

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Mommy Confessions Blog

"The Tote Buddy is awesome. Matter of fact I was out shopping the other day and SEVERAL people stopped me and asked me where I got it." - Andrea
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A Bittersweet Existence

"The Tote Buddy is a simple concept and very easy to use. It helps me keep all of my reusable bags organized- I just take it right into the store with me and all of my bags are in one place." - Dawana
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Hey a Mom Can Dream

"It’s also easy to wipe clean and the straps from your bags act as the handle for the tote!" - Laura
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Once A Month Mom

"The Tote Buddy helps to keep all those reusable bags organized and in one place. And it is fashionable as well." - Tricia
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The Mommy Blog

Review and Giveaway by Mindy
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Money Saving Mama in Michigan

"Thanks to the great people over at The Tote Buddy for helping me host this giveaway" - Wendy
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The Next Family

"This is a dream for those super organized and eco conscious people." - Brandy
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The Dirty Shirt

"I am thrilled when I run across a company who has the level of caring that Momentum 1 Products, Inc. have. I stand behind any company who is eco friendly and has that desire to make our world a better place." - Jennifer
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Mommy Reporter

Video Review - Desiree
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Raise Them Green

"The Tote Buddy is now a permanent fixture in my shopping cart. What I love about the bright floral print is that it draws other shoppers’ eyes." - Melissa
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Networking Witches

"I was surfing the net and ran across a video of a neat product. One that I knew I could use. Tote Buddy, holds your reusable shopping bags in one neat and orderly tote so you can take them into the market, grocer, or anywhere you might need a shopping bag." - Joie
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Tech Talk for Moms

"I took my organizer on my latest grocery shopping trip and wow the Tote Buddy freed up so much space in my car’s cargo area and my grocery cart..." - Beckie
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Hopefully, you're using reusable bags. However, I am sure you have wondered what to do with them all! Don't you wish you had a convenient way to carry them around? I certainly have thought about it but couldn't come up with anything slick or savvy.

Well, thanks to Twitter I found my friend Julie Zizka who is the brain behind the incredible Tote Buddy! This phenomenal tote keeps all your reusable bags in one tidy place. It sure is an enormous help and I don't know what I would do without mine now that I have it.
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Charlotte Observer

"But, this new product I’ve been turned onto has been helping boost my statistics: The Tote Buddy is a reusable grocery bag organizer." - Jennifer
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Simply Living on a Budget

Review by Beth

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The Green Samaritan

"It’s easy to take in the store and pull out just what you need as there have been times when I had too many bags or not enough. It’s great and I love it!" - Jeanne
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Shawn Ann's World

"We used The Tote Buddy this past weekend when we did our grocery shopping and let me tell you how much easier it is to deal with this than 5 separate bags." - Shawn Ann
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My Organized Chaos

Product Review and Giveaway by Tammi
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Prissy Green

"It is so practical and helps me stay organized. AND instead of being a bag that become separated from the pack, all three are always with The Tote Buddy." - Karissa
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Delightful Chaos

Review and Giveaway by Toni-Lynn
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Resourceful Mommy

"While I can't offer to come vacuum your van for you, I can tell you about The Tote Buddy." - Amy
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Sugar Pop Ribbons

Review by Jennifer
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Nicole's Nickels

This is a great invention! This organizer makes storing a bunch of them so much easier!
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La Jolla Mom

"You can fit A LOT in these reusable bags. The Tote Buddy organizes them into a slim, flat case that you can easily keep in your car or house." - Katie
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